Honeycomb Panel for Aircraft Flooring,Inventory Completed in Philippines

  • June 22, 2018

  • In addition to completion of establishing the inventory of aircraft interior panels in USA that was announced two days ago, Showa has now completed establishing its inventory in its manufacturing facility in the Philippines for new honeycomb sandwich panels for aircraft flooring. They are unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced epoxy laminate skins and Nomex® honeycomb panels, SFPS42002, SFPS42003 and SFPS42005, that we had the honor of being qualified by Boeing in December 2017.

    Mr. Makoto Hasei, Director of the Transportation & Equipment Division comments that the inventory is prepared for the market needs of smaller quantity but quick delivery that is exampled as an emergency repair or replacement programs, and the Philippines should be the best location to support such demand occurred in the Southeast Asia and other neighboring countries, and of course this can be available for all customers over the world.

    For any larger volume requirements with detailed delivery schedule, the customers can be supported to receive newly produced products from the Philippines facility and it can be scheduled to meet their detailed delivery requirements.

    Please click below to view the datasheets for above products.

    SFPS 42002 ---- BMS4-20 Type II
    SFPS 42003 ---- BMS4-20 Type III
    SFPS 42005 ---- BMS4-20 Type V

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