Industrial Products
SAIC is the abbreviation to Showa Aircraft Industry Co.,LTD. SAIC's airplane manufacturing experience includes: "Zero-shiki-yusouki"(is licensed production of Douglas DC-3) and "YS-11, and so on, since 1938. SAIC is proud of its tradition as a aviation leader. Discover how SAIC products deliver their remarkable efficiency.
SAIC is an authority of light-alloy products.
The galley in the passenger plane passes severe inspection by the Boeing Company and other institutions. SAIC quality is guaranteed.
Shelter of SAIC is equipped with light-weight, superb water/heat/shock resistance, good habitability and mobility. Units are in use today by Japan Ministry of Defense
Refueler Vehicle and Service Vehicle
SAIC has been manufacturing refueler vehicle and service vehicles for airplanes since 1955. These vehicles receive high evaluation from Japan Ministry of Defense, petrochemical industry, chemistry industry, and others as well as aviation industry.
SAIC's containers are solutions to our Customers extreme requirements. For example, bulk container, reefer storage container for the air transportation of fresh food, container for fresh flower, and so on. These containers have produced excellent results for customer.

Special Purpose Vehicle
Airplane manufacturing technology is applied also to special purpose vehicles such as tank truck. Manufacturing special purpose vehicle is SAIC's strong skill.
Tank Truck
SAIC has experience in the manufacture of diverse tank truck types including aluminum.
Bulk Truck
Bulk truck has a wide range of utilization, for example, transportation of cement, flour, carbon black, polyethylene, and so on.

Honeycomb Technology
SAIC is the world's leading producer of honeycomb technology. Honeycomb core is a material with unlimited possibilities by its strength and lightweight. Honeycomb technology is applied to the very wide range field currently, from household utensils to high technology.
Honeycomb Core
SAIC supplies the world with honeycomb cores of such diverse applications as paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, flexible aluminum honeycomb, aramid Honeycomb, brazing Honeycomb, and others.
Honeycomb Application
Space vehicles such as use our honeycomb products. Various products in aviation equipment, for example, wing, flap, floorboard, service cart and galley in airplane. Infrared stove and other electrical appliance. Shock-absorber for car crash, cockpit structure frame of solar car. Sound-absorbing equipment. And products of many other fields.

Advanced Technology
SAIC is always researching new advanced technology.
SIPS(Inductive Power Supply)
SIPS is epoch-making system which supplies electric energy to movable objects without physical connection such as electrical wire. SAIC is researching positively SIPS technology, and also manufactures various type of electric vehicles.

 Real Estate Business and Service
Real-estate Development
SAIC has been contributing to the creation of a friendly amenity and business town since 1973, where work, residence and recreation are easily accessible.
Shopping Area
SAIC manages large shopping center called "Mori-Town" which consists of big supermarket, about 150 specialty@stores and many restaurants.
Tenant Buildings
SAIC manages some buildings tenanted by many company.
Office, Production, and Circulation Area
Many companies are located at this place as tenant such as IHI, TOSTEM , Tokyo Kirin Beverage Service Company, and so on.

Management and Service
SAIC supply service of various facilities.
The hotel called "Forest Inn Showakan" is an urban resort hotel in "Showa-no-Mori" area. And, "Hotel S&S" is a business hotel at front of the Akishima station. The both hotels are managed by SAIC.
Sports and Fitness Center
SAIC manages golf course, tennis center, fitness club, and so on. The facilities are respectively called "Showa-no-Mori golf club", "Showa-no-Mori tennis center", and "FORUS". These locate in "Showa-no-Mori".
Direct Selling
SAIC directly sells Harley-Davidson's motorcycle, and manages the training center for the user. The store and training center is called "Harley-Davidson-Showa-no-Mori".

 Sales Business
METOS which is associated company of SAIC deals in fireplace, stove, sauna bath, spa, and so on.
Harley-Davidson Showa-no-Mori
The motorcycle of "Harley-Davidson-Showa-no-Mor" is direct sales managed by SAIC.