Honeycomb Core

Composite Material with Unlimited Possibilities

‘Paper Honeycomb

Paper Honeycomb

Use: Core material for building materials; Center core for furniture wood and for vehicle, etc.

‘Aluminum Honeycomb

Aluminum Honeycomb

Use: Core material of sandwich panel; Rectifier; Shock-absorber

‘Flexible Aluminum Honeycomb

Flexible Aluminum Honeycomb

Use: Aerospace field; Automobiles, etc.

‘Aramid Honeycomb

Aramid Honeycomb

Use: Aerospace field; Transport Equipment; Leisure/Sports goods, etc.

‘Brazing Honeycomb

Brazing Honeycomb

Use: Aerospace field; Automobile parts; Industrial plant, etc.

¦Various Honeycomb Application Products
‘Products processed with Honeycomb Cores

Products processed with Honeycomb Cores

The Company is manufacturing not only honeycomb cores but various products processed with honeycomb cores.